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Bélgica and Marta's story, Dominican Republic

Marcelina González (Bélgica) and Martina Cabrera (Marta) consider themselves ‘sisters in unity’, because they have been ‘celebrating the good and fighting to change the bad’ for more than a decade in their local community; the Cuesta Linda neighbourhood of the Santo Domingo Norte municipality.

Ramona's story: Project promoting food security and sustainable agriculture

In an isolated area in the Dominican Republic, Progressio has been working with a local partner, Solidaridad Fronteriza, to support people like Ramona to find ways of adapting to the challenges of climate change, deforestation and drought. The cross-border project promotes food security and sustainable agriculture.

Food Security Project, Dominican Republic: Rafael's Story

A food security training programme run by Progressio and its partner, ASCALA, is helping to raise incomes and improve diets in some of the Dominican Republic’s bateys, some of the most deprived communities in the country.  Residents, such as Rafael Fleming, a 43-year old from Batey Las Pajas in the Eastern region, have learned how to use organic farming techniques to grow vegetables in family plots.  The produce can be consumed by the household, adding variety to their diet, or sold to bring in extra cash. 

Food security project: Final report from Karina

Our Food for a better future project ended in December 2013. Thank you so much for your support – here’s Karina's final report on her work with the communities of Dajabón, Partido, Restauración, Loma de Cabrera, and Loma de Guano in the northern border of the Dominican Republic.

Personal Experience: Daniela Peirano

Daniela with a group of colleagues from Association des Femmes Fonds Parisien Pour le Développement, in a Haitian border community. Daniela is holding a kwokitol - a type of local doughnut. This initiative was part of a micro-enterprise project with Haitian women, supported by Daniela/Progressio and Hermanas Vedrunas. 

Daniela Peirano, from Chile, was a development worker with Progressio in the Domincan Republic and Haiti, from May 2010 to September 2011. 

World Food Day: Water is the vital ingredient

Progressio's Environment Policy Officer, Lis Wallace, writes:

I've always been an avid baker. When I want to bake a cake, the first thing I do is open the cupboards and check that I have enough of the essential ingredients: flour, margarine, sugar or eggs. If you're an expert baker then you’ll know that some or all of these ingredients can be substituted, but please stick with me – it's the analogy that's important here.