With every week comes a new adventure with its own life enriching experiences for the British and Nicaraguan Team.  

If anything is certain about this week, it must be said that the plans have changed. We put all our energy and our best effort into carrying out a survey of the community “El Jocote”, a local community on the outskirts of Masaya. The survey was created to help volunteers find out what problems already existed within the community, and what solutions could we provide in the future. Also, this week, we have worked in our mixed-nationality groups to provide complementary activities for the communities; working in the areas of Sports, indigenous Rights, Health & Hygiene and Environment with our first activities to go ahead next week! Later, we started on the language video… everybody was nervous as they considered their difficulties with the other language. How are we going do this? Can we do this? The Brits and the Nicas laughed together upon review of their “onscreen performances”. We are patiently waiting to see how we all did.

The integration activities were our secret weapon to uniting the team. They took us out of our comfort zone and provided us with the best opportunity to de-stress and release our frustrations. We laugh together and you can feel the adrenaline and enthusiasm return to the group. 

…It´s a happy time for us!!!    

Written by National ICS volunteer Amanda Aguirre