In response to the concerns from the school authorities of Beulah Heights Secondary School, Zimbabwe, over the lack of trees around their school property which had resulted in flash flooding; we decided to present them with nursery tree donations and educate their children on the importance of trees. The school has been affected by flash floods which resulted from heavy down pours and heavy wind on the night of 17 December 2014, and the more recent 2015-2016 rainy seasons. Kudzai Manjonjori and I (Munyaradzi Zvinoira) wanted to increase the environmental awareness of the community and planting trees is a big step that will help protect our future and that of the younger generation. Planting trees is a great way of reducing our carbon footprint.
The school authorities contacted Environmental Management Agency (EMA) requesting for help getting trees and also to have their children educated about the importance of trees. Therefore, as our Action at Home project we decided to approach three relevant organisations which include Nyaradzo Funeral Services, Zimbabwe Forestry Commission and EMA in order to get tree donations as well as educational resources for the students. Since the 21st of March is International Forestry Day and 22nd of March is World Water Day we decided to hold our event on the 22nd of March. We approached Nyaradzo Funeral Service on the 14th of March and they agreed to donate seventy (70) trees for us to give to the school. Two Environmental Management Agency (EMA) representatives confirmed that they would be present. A Zimbabwe Forestry Commission representative also confirmed that he would be able to attend the event. The event allowed the children dig the holes for the trees around the school grounds. 
A female teacher and male volunteer stand in front of the donated trees
Aims of the event:
i. To donate trees to Beulah Heights Secondary school.
ii. To provide information about the importance of trees and water, and why we should keep them safe.
iii. Initiate the activities of the Environmental Club.
iv. To reduce the occurrence of flash flooding.
Objective of the event:
To start an environmental group at the school that will take care of the trees and continue to do other environmentally friendly activities. 
1. Environmental Management Agency- EMA
2. Zimbabwe Forestry Commission- ZFC
3. Nyaradzo Funeral Services
4. International Citizen Service-ICS
5. Simukai Child Protection Program
Event Overview:
The event was attended by over 150 students from Beulah Heights Secondary school. We had first asked for the number of students interested in joining the Environmental Club that would be formed at the school. There were 70 students who had signed up to become part of the Environmental Club - 47 males and 23 females so we sourced 70 trees in total to represent each child. We received 35 Jakaranda trees and 35 Kenyan Croton trees from Nyaradzo. The event was so successful more students decided to take part as well.
On Tuesday the 22nd of March we went to the school with the representatives from the Forestry Commission and the EMA Mrs. Chivese and Mrs. Praise. We received a warm reception from the school children and the school staff. The event started with a wonderful sermon about the trees in the bible, and how trees provide humans shelter and protection from harsh elements by the Reverend from the school. Mrs. Chivese then gave a spoke about the Environmental Management Agency's  school competition throughout Zimbabwe inviting the Environmental Club at Beulah Heights to also participate in future competitions. She also spoke about the importance of recycling and how the students can start to recycle plastic and paper waste from their school. The second presentation was given by Munyaradzi Zvinoira. Munyaradzi spoke about the International Citizen Service (ICS) and how as individuals we can play an active role in changing our community for the better. He also highlighted why trees are important to humans, how forest wetlands are natural filters of most fresh water in the world since the theme for the International Forestry Day was Forestry connected to water.
Munyaradzi Zvinoira also spoke about how:
i. Trees help to reduce the speed of rain water flow thereby reducing soil erosion.
ii. Trees act as a natural wind breaker; which would help the school since their building have been destroyed by strong winds.
iii. The tree roots create spaces between the soil particles, therefore this helps the water sip in faster and reduces the occurrence of flash flooding.
iv. To look after the two types of trees that had been donated
To conclude the presentations, the the Deputy Headmaster Mr. Mutengerere gave thanks for the donation of the trees; he stated that he was excited to have the school join the EMA quiz competition and he hoped the relationship would continue further. After the speeches the attendees went outside to start planting the trees.
A young man plants a tree
Results of the Event:
1. Increased knowledge of the importance of forestry towards protecting against flash flooding.
2. The use of both the Manica Post newspaper and the Diamond FM radio helped to raise awareness to the whole of the Mutare community. It also opened another door since Munyaradzi Zvinoira has been invited to Diamond FM studios on the 1st of April to speak about the importance of taking care of forests.
3. We started an Environmental Club with 70 members who will be able to also participate in the EMA quiz competitions.
Short Term Outcomes:
1. Increased knowledge about the importance of forests and how they protect us from flash flooding.
2. Increase number of members willing to join the Environmental Club.
Long Term Outcomes:
1. Reduced occurrence of flash flooding in the Chikanga Phase 3 community.
2. Increase of trees in the area which was once barren.
3. Have a strong Environmental Club at the school.
4. Improved behavioural change to become more environmentally aware, through reduced littering, deforestation and water pollution at the school.
People responsible for setting up the event and for donating the trees pose for a photo