“Live life just as it unfolds itself” was our driving force and inspiration for the week. We had a reason to live for, and each day was so valued, giving us strength to get through the day. Making big discoveries on the BaTonga culture and zeroing down to share experience was so worth it. Giving back to my community was the best thing I could have ever done- surely life couldn’t get any better.

With zeal and the utmost passion we set to work. We had split up to make two groups of seven. One went for a clean-up at the local hospital in partnership with Ntengwe, this left the other seven (including me), to attend the CPC workshop.

We set out for Sinampande, travelling on a gravelled road was not plain sailing but surprisingly it fuelled us all the more. The workshop its self went much more smoothly, with active, enthusiastic and coordinated participants. We managed to sail through despite all the challenges we encountered. It was awesome- even if I say it myself. To substantiate our work our participants had to say a few words “Twalumba lokokutuswayanobenzubesu, muzobolelubo” which means we are very grateful for everything hope you come back next time- B Dube (village head).

We thought the week couldn’t get any better, but another activity worth keeping in memory was our cultural exchange. Personally I was very honoured to share my culture, I felt useful like never before.

We had everything sorted out and just hoped our expectations could be met. We arrived right before noon with a new look- a little whiter from dust coating. We had such a good and warm welcome from the Siampongo family which was hosting us. We did a little introduction and a tour around the homestead which familiarised us to the home setup and made us feel at ease. 

Without wasting much time we split ourselves into groups based on the local customs. The boys had to fetch firewood and chop it, water the gardens and help with fetching water. The girls had to prepare and serve out meals, wash the dishes, fetch water with buckets balanced on their heads, help water the gardens and sweep the yard. The best moment was seeing ourselves work as a team where we shared ideas and helped each other on various duties.


It felt like we had really got to the core of the culture and community, and experienced the true Tonga way of living. With the community chipping in to assist we had a really great time which will ever be cemented into our minds.
Thank you(Twalumba)

Written by Luzibo Munsaka