Conserving our land, producing our food

This project seeks to improve the quality of life of poor and marginalised people in Salima district through more equitable and sustainable management of natural resources especially in the light of climate change and resource scarcity. The project is targeting smallholder farmers in Traditional Authority Msosa in Salima district.

The main project activities included:

  • Setting up of farmer field schools on agro-ecology
  • Promoting the adoption of soil and water conservation farming techniques by the communal farmers
  • Training farmers on food processing, value addition and preservation techniques
  • Setting up and training of Village Savings and Loans groups
  • Setting up and training of Village Natural Resources Management Committees (VNRMC) on the management of natural resources.
  • Training Environment Africa field officers on agro-ecology, marketing and business development, and lobbying and advocacy
  • Engagement of VNRMCs with the local and district authorities on environmental legislation/by-laws
  • Advocacy - producing policy briefs, agro-ecology manuals and publications on agro -cology and product development
  • Documentation of case studies and success stories on successful initiatives of the project for sharing and replication


Start date: May 2012

End date: April 2015

Partner organisations: Environment Africa Malawi

Locations: Traditional Authority Msosa, Salima District

Funded by the Big Lottery Fund

This project is also being implemented in three districts in Zimbabwe.


Working with our partners we have:

  • built the capacity of faith based civil society to advocate for peaceful democratic political processes;
  • promoted women and youth's involvement and engagement in political processes for an increased participation in the 2014 elections