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Why a Day for Rural Women is about more than Food Security

Karina Cuba, a Progressio food security specialist, reflects on how her work with women in a remote, rural community on the Dominican Republic’s border with Haiti not only helped families to eat more healthily, but also supported women to tackle isolation, discrimination and domestic violence.

Why we’re celebrating International Day of Rural Women

Rural women are unbreakable. Progressio works with rural women all over the world who take on a critical role in their communities. These women make up a huge proportion of the people Progressio works with to enhance rural development, improve food security and eradicate rural poverty. That's why we're celebrating International Day of Rural Women.

International Day of Rural Women – Phenomenal Wonder Women

While volunteering in El Salvador with Progressio ICS, Annamaria Stewart had the pleasure of working with truly inspirational women. Annamaria says they are heroes of their communities, and for all women. This blog from Annamaria includes some of their stories and is part of our International Day of Rural Women celebration.

Would you run 50,000 metres to support people powered development?

We are blessed with a dedicated group of supporters at Progressio. Supporters who will turn up to campaign with us, write letters to advocate with us and, on 12 October, lace up to run with us! The Royal Parks Half Marathon is right around the corner, and we would like to introduce you to our runners, including our Chief Executive Mark Lister and Aidan, the supporter who’s going a bit further for Progressio. Almost 30,000 metres further, in fact.


Climate change finally back on the agenda - you can act today

The UN Climate Summit, held at UN headquarters in New York on 23rd September 2014 was famously attended by Leando Di Caprio. We wanted to keep you updated as the momentum on the climate change campaign builds up!

The Climate Summit, called by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, aimed to mobilize action ahead of 2015 and to increase political will for greater action and ambition on climate change.

People’s Climate March sees 40,000 people stand up for climate justice

To join together against climate change, I walked with thousands of people in the capital for the People’s Climate March. 40,000 people turned up to demand that our leaders take action on climate change and push for an outcome where the poorest people in the world are protected from and equipped to deal with it.

Great news! The 0.7 Bill has cleared its next hurdle

There has been a new victory for international development in the House of Commons. The Bill promising that 0.7% of gross national income will be given in foreign aid has passed its first vote. This brings greater security of funding for life-changing projects in the Global South a big step closer.


Support Progressio while you shop, for free!

It’s never been easier to support people living in poverty. If you want to raise money without badgering your friends or pouring water over yourself, all you have to do is shop online!

From today, you can give Progressio the money to help marginalised people and those living in poverty gain power over their lives, simply by buying the things you want online. That’s because Progressio is now part of Give as you Live.