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One planet, one vision: Green

After years of environmental damage and degradation the world is waking up to a new ecological consciousness. Now more than ever, we are recognising the importance of green solutions to modern day problems. One of Progressio ICS's main goals is to improve the quality of life of poor and marginalised communities through more equitable and sustainable management of our natural resources and habitat. As we approach World Environment Day, hear from Progressio ICS volunteer Roisin McGovern.

32,000 trees and counting: The Chembe Community

More than 32,000 new trees have been planted in brand new nurseries thanks to the Chembe Community in Malawi. In a single year, the Community managed to plant 10,000 new trees and their dedication their nurseries resulted in an incredible 85% survival rate of these seedlings. This year, they are aiming to increase the area they work in and plant more than 12,000 new trees. These trees will enable the Community to support a healthy environment while diversifying their income to support local families. Find out more about this story in the run up to World Environment Day.

The Biogas Tour of Zimbabwe

A series of inspiring moments took place in Zimbabwe in March, but not the kind the world will notice. March 27 will go down in local history thanks to the collaboration of some incredibly passionate people. Biogas operators in Guruve, who are Progressio’s partners in Zimbabwe, had a rare opportunity to talk the country’s leading renewable energy technical experts. As we prepare to celebrate World Environment Day, you can read the full story here.

Historic celebration of environmental advocacy in Malawi

In the Salima District of Malawi, an historic movement of environmental awareness has taken place. The celebration, incorporating World Forestry Day and World Water Day, was the first of its kind in Salima. Progressio worked with our partner organisation, Environment Africa, to make the day a success, ensuring a diverse range of people engaged with the crucial message of climate awareness. Now, as we appraoch World Environment Day, we look back on the day of action.

Pope Francis speaks out on the environment – “Respect for creation is a requirement of our faith”

As we approach World Environment Day, Pope Francis has made a strong statement of intent on what the Christian responsibility is when it comes to protecting our environment. During Sunday morning Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pope quoted Psalm 104 to show the link between the Holy Spirit and the health of the world we live in.

El Salvador: Chickens, chuchos* and beautiful bright stars

Before we reached our destination we were still unsure at what we would find. We were aware that we would be working in the environmental field in the community of Santa Marta but knew nothing more about the community that would be home for 3 months. So, even though we had been prepared to be ready for practically anything, there were still many things about El Salvador that impressed us at first impact.

First of all, we were pleasantly surprised by how friendly and open the people were.


Honduras: Climate change and why we are here!

During our “prioximo semana” (first week), Progressio introduced us to the programmes we would be participating in whilst in Honduras.  Meeting Red COMAL our partner organisation, whom we are supporting, we got shown a video displaying the effects of climate change in Honduras and why the work we will be doing in Lempira, Western Honduras is so important. 


Honduras: Community Profiles

As we enter our last week in Gracias, we’ve begun to finish off the projects in the communities and to say goodbye to the people there. So now is a good time to look back at the work we’ve done and to give you an idea what these communities are like.

Our day starts when our bus driver – Don Berto – picks us up from our house in Gracias. He then drives us to one of eight communities, five of which are profiled below. First up is the turn off for Los Altos Guanteque:

Los Altos Guanteque


A New Year's message from Mark Lister, Progressio Chief Executive

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015. This is a year of huge opportunity for us all, and for our planet.

This is a seminal year for international development; the world’s leaders have a chance to shape the future of goals, agreements and treaties which will impact all of us.

Progressio has 75 years of experience of working with the some of the poorest and most marginalised people. This experience has shown us that the decisions that will be made this year are all the more significant to their lives.

For the Love of... Bishops?

Progressio has been watching the Lima Conference with a keen eye and excited anticipation. This conference marks the very last chance for delegates from all over the world to gather together and put some solid commitments on the table before any final deal is agreed at Paris next year. Right now any such deal hangs in the balance. That is why this event has been so important.

Commitments need to be made and they need to be bold.