El Salvador: And so it begins...

After a week of orientation we said farewell to the energetic city of San Salvador for the unknown environment of Nuevo Gualcho. The different ways of life we were eager to encounter were almost portrayed to us during our journey, various road-side stalls selling fruit showed us the reality of the struggle to generate an income. Stepping onto Gualcho ground, the sense of wanting to make a real difference was amongst us all.

Malawi: Volunteers reviving seedlings in Dunduzu Primary School

Working the field

Tuesday was glorious.

There was a sense of release and catharsis among the team today as the group, finally, were able to swap the tedium and frustration of planning for blisters and sunburn working out in the field.

"Together with the environment"

“Together with the environment…. In Cuzco, we are adapting to climate change.”

That's the slogan of a new campaign encouraging people in Cuzco, Peru, to adapt to climate change. Thanks to the support of Progressio development worker Alberto Vasquez, the Cuzco region is now equipped with a Communications Strategy for Adapting to Climate Change. Here, Alberto writes about what he hopes will be achieved once the strategy is put into practice:

Getting emotional about climate change: a response to the IPCC report

Progressio's Esther Trewinnard writes:

A few years ago, I took a friend of mine who was visiting the UK from Tanzania to a talk given by a leading scientist on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). On the train back home she turned to me and said, “You will be OK, but we in Africa are going to die.” My response was pathetic and helpless, but the best I could come up with was: “Don’t be silly, we’re in this together.” 

What about water for food?

As delegates gather in Stockholm for World Water Week, Progressio is asking 'What about water for food?'

It’s easy to forget what efforts and resources go into producing food. So, what if the only food destined for your plate this autumn was growing on a small plot of land outside your house? 

Mimose, 45, and her husband Elismar, 51, live in Lamine, Haiti. They grow sweet potatoes, yukkas, beans, plantains, pineapples and cabbages. They have a bumper crop of veggies growing in their garden and seem pretty self-sufficient. 

ClimatePro shortlisted for European Youth Award

Progressio's climate adaptation partnership initiative has been shortlisted for an award that celebrates young developers using digital technologies to turn the United Nations Millenium Development Goals into action. 

European Youth Award (EYA) is a contest for young Europeans who creatively use Internet and mobiles to get action on the most pressing social issues of today. The EYA connects them with an international network of experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders and renowned experts from the multimedia-sector and provides a stage for showcasing their projects. 


Sustainable development: Let's start from what farmers know

Last month I was privileged to attend an international conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Climate Justice that took place in Dublin from April 15-16th. The two-day conference was conducted in a unique way: farmers spoke, policy makers listened.