It was another week of hard work, fun and new experiences shared between the Brits and Nicaraguans. We put together a series of questions which we used during our visit to the community of El Jocote, surveying the local families with the aim of finding ways in which to potentially improve the area. Problems identified within the community include:

  • Damage to the bridge
  • Problems with the drinking water supply
  • No local health centre
  • Poor access to education (due to limited available teaching space)
  • Problems with electricity supply

The families in the community were happy to welcome the visiting volunteers and to hear about our intentions to develop an ICS project with them. 

Recreational activities:

The group had a lot of fun making videos, with the Brits speaking Spanish and the Nicas English; learning how to pronounce new words was a particularly useful experience. The group face-painting activity put everybody’s artistic abilities to the test, leaving everyone with a smile on their face. The best activity of the week was the game of “Mr & Mrs”, working in pairs and trios to learn about each other on a more personal level, as a result gaining more confidence in our collaborative team of Brits and Nicaraguans. 

This week the Brits made great progress in their Spanish learning, and we Nicas love the English classes; they are very dynamic and motivate us to learn more every time. 

We are going to continue giving all our energy, working hard on this voluntary project for the best of the community and the families, as well as continuing to exchange cultures, languages and experiences as we move forward with our group of Nicas and Brits!

Written by National ICS volunteer Danny Emerson Uveda Norori