Alberto Granados shows the destruction caused by illegal loggers

Alberto Granados, a farmer in Olancho, Honduras. Photo © Omar Banegas/Progressio

Please note: Progressio has announced closure in March 2017

We are currently supporting people in Honduras through our International Citizen Service (ICS) programme, under which young adult volunteers from the UK work alongside local young people on community, education, livelihoods or environmental projects.

Our recent programme work focused on helping people grow their way out of poverty through equitable and sustainable management of natural resources, particularly in relation to climate change. We focused on:

diversification of crops and the reduction of carbon emissions though environment-friendly techniques;

helping  poor families to increase their income through the produce and sale of high-value crops;

building the capacities of local civil society organizations to advocate for pro-poor local and national environmental regulations;

supporting the population of Nahuaterique in their advocacy for the recognition of their Municipality so that they can fully exercise their rights as Honduran citizens.

Read more about this work and the work of our Progressio ICS volunteers in Honduras here.