Progressio is committed to transparency, openness and accountability. We want to make sure that you have access to all the information that you might want about what we do and how we do it. And we want to make sure you know how to contact us if you want to give us feedback or make a complaint.

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We publish a range of information on this website including annual reviews and trustees' reports and environmental assessments.

You can find summaries of our projects in the country pages in the 'where we work' section of this website. We also publish details of external evaluations and independent reviews of our work on this website.

International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)

Progressio was one of the first international NGOs to publish data under the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). IATI is a global transparency standard that aims to make information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand. The IATI Standard is a common, open, international standard for publishing information about aid. We have uploaded information and data to the IATI Registry about our work that is funded or part funded by the UK Department for International Development under our Programme Partnership Agreement. Click here to view our activity files.

DFID Programme Partnership Agreement (PPA)

Monitoring and evaluation of the objectives agreed with DFID under the PPA is set out in our PPA logframe document.

We report back to DFID in an annual report and in an additionality report which sets out the additional benefits to people and communities from DFID's funding for Progressio through the PPA.

The independent evaluators the IDL group completed a progress review of Progressio's work under the PPA in October 2012. Following the IDL report, DFID prepared a performance assessment of Progressio's work under the PPA.

Spending money wisely

We want to make sure we spend our funds efficiently, effectively, and ethically. Find out how we do this in our Value for Money statement.

Progressio seeks to operate to a high standard in all it does. It works with integrity, accountability and transparency across its procedures and processes. The organisation seeks the best outcome for those who are poor and marginalised.

Bribery and corruption run counter to the values of Progressio and to the interests of the poor. Therefore Progressio does not tolerate bribery and corruption in its own work or with any individual or organisation associated with it.

Read more in our Anti-bribery and corruption policy & guidelines.


Partnership is central to Progressio’s approach to development. We work in partnership with local organisations in the countries where we work, to bring about sustainable change. We do this through development workers who work to build the capacities of organisations and communities, and through national and international alliances and networks.

We are committed to a high standard of accountability to our various stakeholders - donors, members, supporters, partners and beneficiaries, as well as staff and development workers. In particular, we are committed to taking account of the views, needs and capacities of our partner organisations and beneficiary communities so that we can ensure the quality and effectiveness of the work we do.

You can read more about how we ensure accountability to our various stakeholders in our accountability framework.

Partner Organisations

Partner organisations are assessed before partnership using organizational capacity assessment tool which include questions on financial systems and procedures and also our RICA (Regular Impact Capacity Assessment) MOV 15 (CAP – Capacity Assessment of Partner) tool.  

During Partnership, reviews are conducted and reports are prepared and submitted either every 3 or 6 months during the partnership. We review the reports and then provide our comments, observations and recommendations. Feedback between us and the partners is part of the review in order to improve the reporting and the impact of our intervention. These activities are conducted by the Country Representative, Programme Officer, Development Workers and the Admin/Finance Manager.

Monitoring and evaluation framework

Work plans for all our projects are agreed between partner organisations, development workers and Progressio. You can find summaries of our projects in the country pages in the 'where we work' section of this website.

Indicators by which we measure progress, impact and outcomes are agreed and monitored through our monitoring and evaluation framework RICA (Regular Impact and Capacity Assessment). RICA is fully integrated into Progressio’s Strategic Framework by means of a Route Map which relates the indicators and the means of verification to Progressio's strategic objectives, and through analysis of our six-monthly development worker reports, as well as through financial and budgetary monitoring and donor reporting.