Poverty is not inevitable

We believe that with the right skills and knowledge, people can overcome the barriers that keep them poor.

But we also realise that eradicating poverty is complex and not a quick fix. Progressio is committed to addressing the underlying root causes of poverty and achieving long-term, sustainable solutions.

How do we do it?

We send development workers and young adult volunteers to work alongside grassroots organisations in developing countries. Together, they do what is needed to improve the lives of thousands of people in poor communities.

We don’t impose solutions. We ask people what needs to change – and then we give them the right help so they can make it happen. We support people to empower themselves in three key areas: participation, environment and HIV.

People must have the power to solve their own problems. They can’t do it if things beyond their control are keeping them poor. So we support their calls for policy change – and we make sure that decision-makers listen.

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