Our week began hosting a Sports Day at the school for International Youth Day.  The atmosphere was lively and the children had a day of excitement, taking part in classic sports activities such as the relay race, tug of war, sack race, football and skipping.  At the end of each event the children were awarded with medals made by ourselves as a reward for their efforts, which they loved!

The rest of the week was very busy we began preparing the walls for paint, painting the first coat of primer and sketching out our murals. The window mesh and doors were also painted. This took a lot of hard work from the volunteers due to the large surface area of the school but we have now began painting the walls white and aqua blue, which is due to be finished this week along with other areas.

On Sunday, three UK and three national volunteers were chosen to meet the Honduran Scouts in Tegucigalpa. They had to deliver a presentation to a local community covering dental health and nutrition, including the effects of sugar and diet. Afterwards the volunteers and the Scouts set up a range of games and activities for the children to get involved in and enjoy. These were face painting, story reading, making bracelets, football, and group energiser activities. The day turned out to be successful with the local community taking on board key information to live a healthy lifestyle, and also the kids enjoyed themselves engaging with the Scouts and volunteers.

Written by ICS volunteers Joshua Davies and Helen Foster