It’s been amazing to experience such a different life. 
Stories I will tell to my future children and wife. 
With time running out and the departure fast approaching. 
What I find interesting is the style of football coaching.

An uneven ground and two rusty goals. 
Made out of a few forgotten poles. 
Five footballs for a group 30 strong. 
When planning sessions it’s hard to go wrong. 

To entertain the group without being boring. 
If this was back in England my team would be snoring. 
Because of the ground the footballs often tear. 
Yet what stands out most is the kids play with no footwear. 

It’s nice how the children address me. 
They all pass the ball like they’re Lionel Messi.
Despite little facilities they don't complain.
If they had proper equipment I wonder how they would train. 

Keen to learn quick and keen to learn fast. 
Hoping one day to make the footballing dream last.

Written by ICS volunteer Chris Green