I heard of the ICS programme through a friend, who told me the experience wouldn’t end.
All my friends would fill me with fear, now five weeks in I still can’t believe I’m here.
On the plane games were played, a night in Texas, which Is where we stayed. 
With the day gone and the fast approaching night, a good night sleep for the connecting flight. 

To adapt to the heat would take a while, I was interested to learn the Honduras lifestyle. 
A bad thing was all the mosquitos and bugs, our host families welcomed us with big warm hugs. 
Arriving at my host home to see host mum and host dad, the people looked happy, which made me glad. 
With a tour of the house underway and some dinner cooking, my home for the next two months I like the way it’s looking. 

Including me, in the group the Brits total seven, they’re nice, friendly and easy going, which makes the task heaven. 
The group bond is becoming strong, despite us not knowing each other that long. 
The national volunteers are good in every way, finding out new things every day. 
Both group’s strengths have a good range, everyone is willing to make a change. 

The leaders of the groups are nice and kind, stress-free full of fun yet so much work on their mind. 
They get both groups working together, I’m sure their love for Honduras will last forever. 
This is all impossible without Progressio and Glasswing, if this was a kingdom they would be the queen and king. 
Providing materials and much much more, it’s their volunteers that they adore.  

The community here is full of friendly faces, showing us all the different places. 
Around the town everyone is glowing, hopefully we can help keep the community growing.
The schools here are a lot different from the UK, impacting and helping the school day by day. 
With a lot of work to be done, the infrastructure work is a lot of fun. 

The children here are creative and they always smile, which makes the work we do worthwhile.
The children play and take it in turn, every child is keen to learn.
The clubs are football, art and glee, two more English and discovery. 
The clubs engage the kids in exciting ways, enough fun to last for days. 

The teachers here always care, so much knowledge they have to share. 
With their skills they are so smart, I wonder if they will remember us when we depart. 
Some of the nationals speak quite fast, hoping the friendships we make will last. 
When I understand their conversation I feel like I have won bingo, I have improved my Spanish thanks to duo lingo. 

The team dynamic is absolutely great, plenty of laughter with no sign of hate. 
With everyone doing their part, for this group there is room in my heart. 
The food here has a good taste, when it comes to dinner there’s no need for haste. 
Some foods I eat I don’t know their name, however they taste good so no need to complain. 

The weather here is boiling hot, to wear no deet you better not. 
The one fear is the mosquito, at night it’s cool in San Benito. 
A visit to see the children’s home, thanks to a lovely nun they won’t be alone. 
When they play they make all the noise, I hope they like their new toys. 

In the evenings with my friends around, a nice cold drink with next to no sound. 
A volleyball court marked out by sticks, can’t play too long have to be home by six. 
There are a few rules so don’t push your luck, so don’t go swimming or use a tuc-tuc. 
Best not do drugs what are you thinking, also guys I hope you aren’t out drinking. 

I found a love for hammocks that I never knew, when I first sat in one my dreams came true. 
I spend most of my lunch and evenings one, I want to buy mine before I am gone. 
Honduras is an amazing place, the trip so far has been just ace. 
Missing home has made my heartache, but the truth is Honduras is mad great. 

Written by ICS volunteer Chris Green