Will we say that we were right?

When millions flee drought-ravaged homes

And we turn them from ours, will we say

That wind turbines are an eyesore?


Will we say it would not have worked?

Should floods become as part of our seasons

As the first greens of Spring, will we say

That solar was unreliable?


Will we keep our priorities?

If political differences one day succumb

To the instinct of survival, will we say

“Well, what about jobs?”


Will our doubts not subside?

When we remember the species, which will

Be but remembered, will we say

We were right not to try?


Will we say we are absolved?

When we concede our defeat in the battle

We chose not to fight, will we say

Our task was impossible?


When reckoning comes

And the judgment of history affords us

Our trial and should ask us, “Where were you?”

What will we say?

Written by ICS Alumni John Payne (January - March 2016 cycle, El Bramadero, Nicaragua)