Our April - June 2016 cycle of volunteers in Zimbabwe were the last cycle to work alongside partner organisation Diocese of Mutare Community Care Programme (DOMCCP) after four years. The team have complied a series of case studies demonstrating the impact the ICS programme has had in Mutasa.

Divine Rwaringesi, 27, has been attending ICS sessions and feels like she has benefited a lot, in particular with regards to IGAs (income generating activities) and GBV (gender-based violence). Divine has gained knowledge on farming and said she now has the correct knowledge on fertilisers. She has also gained a lot of knowledge on marketing. With this knowledge, she has been able to enhance her income and provide food for her family.

Divine has known someone who has experienced GBV in the past. Her advice to someone who is currently experiencing GBV would be to inform the elders or inform someone who is looked upon highly, such as a Pastor. 

Divine got tested for HIV with her partner, and when the results came back negative, both her and her partner were very happy with the news.

Divine has had some very positive experiences with ICS, such as sharing the knowledge she acquired from attending the sessions run by the ICS volunteers with people from her village and coming together for fun and informative events. She is delighted with the work DOMCCP has achieved and hopes they will carry on working at Mt Jenya. 

Compiled by ICS volunteer Simon Rowe (Team DOMCCP, April - June 2016 cycle)