Tonight (3 March 2014) Channel 4's popular tv programme Food Unwrapped is scheduled to include coverage of the Peruvian asparagus industry that was the focus of Progressio research into sustainable water resource management in 2010.  

Presenter Kate Quilton has travelled to Peru to investigate how it is possible to grow asparagus all year round in one of the driest places in the world - the Ica Valley. 

Progressio's report 'Drop by Drop: Understanding the impacts of the UK's waterfootprint through a case study of Peruvian asparagus' was published in 2010. Although Progressio no longer has programmes in Peru, we're delighted that the important issues surrounding virtual water and water-footprinting continue to be raised in the UK media and we look forward to viewing Channel 4's coverage this evening.

So, how about some sofa-time? We'd love to know what you think of the story. You can watch Food Unwrapped live on Channel 4 at 8.30pm tonight or catch up on 4oD. Join the conversation on twitter and tweet us your reactions to the show and your ideas about wise water use @Progressio #waterislife #foodunwrapped.