Here's the latest in our series of blogs ahead of, during and after Rio+20.

Progressio supporters wow Minister

Your Waterproof Rio photo actions wowed Environment Minister Caroline Spelman at our hand-in last week. You can read more about what Caroline Spelman thought about it, but the top line is that it was a brilliant (if short) moment, and it was good to be able to affirm the UK’s commitment to water for livelihoods, food and farming. 

Thanks to the hundreds of you who took the action!

Caroline Spelman extremely on message

Ever wondered if those photos made an impact on policy beyond the hand-in? Confirmation came yesterday as we read the speech she made to the Food and Drink Association. 

It’s interesting to see the similarities and differences between that and last week’s speech to Christian agencies. Some changes in emphasis, and a real commitment to the importance of water to small-scale farmers. Great news!

Don’t stop now! DPM hand-in confirmed 

Our Future We Want postcard action is in mid-flow, and we’ve had confirmation of the hand-in! It’s going to be the 13 June. This is BIG news since we believe it’s the only one we know of any UK agency. So it’s a huge chance – so get your postcard in now. Need some? Email us and we’ll post them to you.

Hitting the press on Rio

We’ve been busy putting our messages into various media. Check out our latest offerings:

Daniel Hale talks Rio+20 and what’s at stake to Lydia O’Kane on Vatican Radio

Lis Martin and development worker Derek Kim in a water themed issue of Stakeholder Forum’s Outreach magazine

And we made it into Country Smallholding magazine too!

Great cards from today’s postbag! The future I want is:

For health, happiness and freedom from fear and poverty
Jean Tilley, Southbourne

One where every child grows up with hope and aspirations, and have the opportunities to fulfil their potential
Louise Mason, Southampton

A better world for our children, to help one another and to wipe out poverty
Mr and Mrs Maycroft, Bolton

Where poverty is reduced, more people are united, and a world in which we can be proud to live
Fay Clark, London

Pictured: Rhoda Khumalo (49) has been farming sustainably since 2007. "I bought a solar panel with the proceeds. We use it for lighting, our radio, and to charge our phones. The solar panel made a big difference. I no longer have to buy paraffin which is expensive, we can listen to the news on the radio, and my children can now read under the lights at night." Rio+20 must tackle poverty in a just and sustainable way. (Macpherson Photography/ Progressio)


We need a world where EVERYONE can have a good life, not a mere existance, where there is no such thing as poverty, where there is no climate change or global warming, and where no child is condemned at birth to a life of poverty and suffering. Justice like this shouldn't depend on how many people vote or lobby for it, it is justice and therefore is something greater than the requirement for a popular vote. It is bigger than politics, which is things that are debateable, as justice is a constant necessity, it always has been and always will be. It is JUSTICE, and that is why it always needs to flourish.