The International Development Bill, which has the potential to enshrine the 0.7% aid spending commitment as a law, passed its Second Reading in September. It was a big achievement and, here at Progressio, we were hugely grateful to our supporters for lobbying their MPs on the vote.

Now, the time has come to mobilise once again. The Bill has successfully moved through its Committee and Report stage and is now ready for its Third Reading in the House of Commons. This will take place on Friday 5 December

You've got the power to make the law become real by writing to your MP to ask them to turn up and save lives. It takes less than a minute to do, but could make all the difference.

Click here to write you your MP today

For the bill to pass, we need more than 100 MPs to attend the reading and vote in favour.

By doing this, you let your MP them know that you care about aid spending and you want them to represent you on Friday 5 December. 

We need to put as much pressure on our MPs as possible. Our strength is always in the number of our voices. Please add yours to this crucial moment. 

This is a unique opportunity to secure aid spending and stop political parties playing annual politics with the poor.

All the main parties pledged to adopt this law as part of their manifestos back in 2010. This is our chance to make them honour their commitments and stick to their words.

As you know, aid spending makes a real difference to people's lives around the world. So many Progressio projects are able to prosper because of the funding we receive from the UK aid budget. We know that thousands of lives have changed for the better through our work. Through our partnership model we enable local citizens to take power over their own lives. In Honduras, Kenia Belinda Meza reflected on her involvement with a Progressio project, telling us "I learned to have the courage to act. No matter how difficult someone's problems are, we can find a solution."

You can be a part of securing the future of the aid budget and making sure that Progressio's impact continues to flourish by writing to your MP here.

We'll keep you updated with the campaign and the progress of the Bill, watch this space.