Thursday 28 May celebrates ‪#‎WorldHungerDay.

The day holds great significance for Progressio’s work overseas as several of our projects are working to address sustainable livelihoods and food security. A fantastic example of this was seen in Malawi with our partner Environment Africa.

Salima, in the heart of Malawi, suffers from a high level of poverty. The people who live there – mostly farmers - are at the mercy of unpredictable weather and often rely on outdated cultivation methods. There is a scarcity of usable land; paid work is hard to come by, and hunger is an all-too-frequent guest.

Working alongside Environment Africa our work encouraged remarkable people like Joram (pictured), a 29-year-old farmer from Longwe to use sustainable farming techniques.

Joram says that for years he struggled to produce enough food for him and his family on the small piece of land passed to him by his father.

“I planted maize year in and year out but yields never increased,” Joram says. “Pests and diseases were a constant problem. I could not afford herbicides so I lost hope. I almost gave up entirely because, no matter how hard I worked, things just got worse.”

Through his collaboration with us, Joram was able to learn about agro-forestry, marketing and business development. Joram used a loan to start up his own business.

Through a larger, more regular income Joram is able to provide for his family’s essential needs. He says, "I now feel like a real father to my family. I have five children under 12 who look up to me and are confident that I am leading them somewhere good.”

Join us!

This World Hunger Day you can play a vital part in raising awareness as well as funds to ensure that Progressio’s work with people like Joram is able to continue.

Here’s how:

Live ‪#‎BelowtheLine for the day

Not got round to taking the Live Below the Line challenge yet? Why not take part for just one day, on the 28 May? Join forces with friends and colleagues and put your one pounds together to make your budget go further! Donate what you save on food for the day to Progressio here. Find out more:

Throw a Come Dine Below the Line party

Host a dinner party with a difference! Cook for your friends for less than £1 per person and ask them to donate what they think the meal is worth to Progressio. Find out more:


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