Progressio is celebrating 75 years of supporting marginalised people around the world. We have marked the occasion with a special version of our magazine that looks back over more than seven decades of incredible work, and gives you a glimpse of the significant moments coming up in the year ahead.

How was Progressio founded? What was its original name? What have been its biggest successes so far? If you want to know the answer to these questions, make sure your download Progressio’s special 75th anniversary magazine here.

As well as a brief history of Progressio’s work, we also have two incredible stories of what is happening in the communities we work in right now.

In Yemen, Safia Mohammed Ahmed has been supported by Progressio in her work to bring electricity, infrastructure and gender equality to her village. Given all that she has achieved in those areas, it was amazing to hear Safia say that working with Progressio on a water filtration project has been the high point for her. The project saw almost 5,000 families receive water filters that save lives and improve health, leaving Safia’s community in a position to move forward with other vital projects.

The magazine also features an in-depth interview with Teclah Ponde, a Progressio development worker who has given her life to supporting marginalised people living with HIV. Find out what drives her to provide a service for those who need it most.

On the way she has seen people change their lives while in prison, Teclah told us, "When you witness this transformation process, you kneel down in the evening and thank God that you have been an instrument for bringing joy and hope back into people’s lives."

You can find these stories and much more in our magazine, available online here.

You’ll also see more information about Live Below the Line 2015, one of the biggest chances to raise awareness of global poverty this year. To find out more about this fantastic opportunity, fill out this form.