To join together against climate change, I walked with thousands of people in the capital for the People’s Climate March. 40,000 people turned up to demand that our leaders take action on climate change and push for an outcome where the poorest people in the world are protected from and equipped to deal with it.

Optimism and determination filled the streets as people sang, danced and chanted through London. The energy was building as well known celebs such as Emma Thompson and Russell Brand eloquently expressed the feelings of the mass: That our leaders aren’t doing enough on this crucial issue.

As Emma Thompson remarked, “Climate Change is the Human Rights issue of our time.”

The crowd held up placards with strong messages calling for 100% clean energy and linking climate change to chaos and destruction for millions of lives across the world. Ultimately, everyone there recognised that climate change affects some of the most vulnerable people in the world and is threatening their lives and livelihoods.

What they also knew though, as we do here at Progressio, is that more can, should and must be done.

With the 2015 Paris Climate summit now only a little over a year away, momentum is building to ensure that an ambitious, legally binding and universal agreement on the climate is realised.

This opportunity to negotiate and solidify such an agreement cannot be missed or diluted. The planet and its people need our world leaders to agree and commit to a future where the climate is treated with respect. On the list of things we’re asking for is a commitment to cut carbon emissions further, put more investment in renewable energy and place a greater emphasis on the climate and sustainability in all future development goals.

Here at Progressio, we’re working alongside hundreds of small-scale farmers who rely on agriculture, which is under major threat from climate change, for their incomes and wellbeing.

Elena, a Haitian champion farmer, reflects on the importance of the food she is able to grow. “We are growing lots of new crops and so we have a better diet. My family is really thankful for the variety of food!  And we can make a little money by selling what we produce, mostly among our neighbours here in Loma del Guano.”

Climate change is threatening Elena’s livelihood now. With the extreme weather events and natural disasters that Haiti has been forced to cope with in the past few years, Elena needs to be represented and her livelihood must be protected for the future.

Climate change is destroying lives; that is why I marched yesterday, along with 40,000 others, For the Love of people like Elena.

To join the fight to protect the planet and express your desire to see action on climate change, add your support to this online petition

Progressio are working with The Climate Coalition on their For the Love of Campaign, raising awareness about climate change and getting everyone to think about how it threatens something they love and care for.

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