Back in August we launched a petition that allowed people to show their solidarity with Pope Francis.

The Pope will be speaking in New York on the afternoon of Friday 25 September to the UN General Assembly, directly ahead of the official opening of the UN Summit for the adoption of the post-2015 development agenda. This is a pivotol moment for all involved in International Development, as the Millenium Development Goals reach the end of their 15 year life cycle, and a new set of Sustainable Development Goals are announced.

Progressio are pleased to see the Pope speaking out before the conference, we believe his desire to speak on a world stage at this event shows his commitment to addressing global inequality and is testament to how seriously he takes development issues. He has previously spoken out about the importance of the Catholic Church encompassing a 'Church of the poor, for the poor' on numerous occasions. He showed his deep desire for a more equal world in his most recent publication, Laudato Si.

The petition that we sent to David Cameron read:

Dear Prime Minister,

As I'm sure you're aware, Pope Francis is speaking in New York in less than a month to open the Post-2015 Summit. The Pope is demonstrating his unwavering commitment to the world's poorest people and his desire to see an end to inequality on a global scale.

I know the UK Government does so much to champion development but, of course, there is still work to be done. The new Global Goals, which are set to be announced in September, will mark a new era for development, which I want to celebrate - just as the Pope is doing.

I want you to know I support Pope Francis' desire for a more equal world and, given the universal nature of the new Goals, I would like to see the UK Government do all it can to implement the Goals both here and abroad.

We were able to deliver the petition statment along with the list of supporting names, over 600 in total, to Number 10 on Monday morning. Together, we've shown the Prime Minsiter how eager we are to see the new Goals implemented in the UK, and beyond, on his return. A signed document alone won't bring about change, it must translate in to action. We hope that by showing public support for the goals the Prime Minister will be encouraged to do all he can to bring the goals home.

As the Pope speaks out, we think it's vital that others stand in solidarity with him to show how important it is to create a more equal world. Do keep an eye on the unveiling of the goals and the news this weekend to learn more.

Written by Jenny Vaughan, Progressio Campaigns Offcer