Thank you so much to all of our supporters who took our recent campaign action by signing our petition asking the UK government to engage with the process of creating a binding treaty on business and human rights. We were able to hand in over 600 signatures to the Prime Minister before the meeting.
One of our key asks was to have a UK representative attend the meeting, which I am pleased to report happened. Unfortunately though the government still seems unsure of the necessity of creating a binding treaty, despite the huge amount of evidence proving why it is a vital mechanism to protect peoples human rights. 
At the meeting itself we welcomed discussions on the lack of legal human rights protection in national legislation in developing countries and the lack of access to remedy when rights are abused, all pointing to the need for a binding instrument. 
You can read the full government response which we received here.
Progressio will continue to raise this issue, alongside other charities and NGOs with our government to ensure progress continues.