"Living on £1 a day is a really poignant way of showing solidarity with poverty stricken communities. The Live Below the Line challenge is one that really shocks people when you tell them about it, it provokes thought and brings home the harsh reality of many people's lives."

Charlotte Redmond was the first person to pre-register to participate in Live Below the Line for Progressio in 2015. This is what she had to say about her motivation and what she expects from the challenge.

"I became aware of Live Below the Line last year when a few people I know took part. This year, I found the sign up link while looking around the Progressio website and just had to sign up right away.

"I will be taking part in the Live below the Line challenge to raise awareness and show people what it actually means to live in poverty. Charities like Progressio are of huge importance in the fight against poverty worldwide. They empower young people to change the world they live in and to act instead of just talk.

"While fundraising is undoubtedly important for charities like Progressio, it is by no means the most important aspect. Raising awareness of the issues and making the changes needed are the main focuses. Throwing money at a cause will only help if there are people there to put the money to good use and to plan and work with the community to create a better lifestyle for all.

"I have a long history of volunteering and supporting charities, both overseas and in the UK. It is something that comes naturally to me which makes me an incredibly lucky person. Volunteering gives a unique buzz! Live Below the Line is a new way for me to support a charity since I have never undertaken a challenge in the UK which will affect my daily life so much.

"My passions are poverty, health and education. While working in the shanty towns around Lima, Peru, a couple of years ago, I experienced true poverty for the first time. It hit me hard that this was the reality for so many people, and inspired me to continue working for justice in poverty.

"My experiences working with children who are severely disabled are some of my most fond memories. The children I worked with and cared for could find happiness in the most wonderful things and showed such great love and compassion to others. Continued support for medical research and proper healthcare worldwide is something I am particularly passionate about.

"In an average week I probably speed about £30 on food. I'm a massive foodie! It is going to be a significant challenge for me to cut down to a sixth of what I would normally spend! It will be hardest to go without fresh fruit and meat, but I'm looking forward to cutting out all drinks apart from water!"

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