The EU council are about to meet in an attempt to agree a final EU climate deal.  This is something that European leaders have already tried and failed to do once this year. This is crunch time. And this is crucial. We need you to help us tell Cameron to act on his promise.

The two day meeting begins on Thursday 23 October. It will play a critical role in deciding what happens next in global climate negotiations. Some have warned that failure to agree on a deal between EU member states would destroy momentum for any global consensus. To turn the tables, agreeing ambitious and binding targets could be a catalyst for huge change. The EU would be the first major block of states to set out its unanimous position ahead the instrumental Paris climate talks in December 2015. 

The Union has historically been a leading example in the Climate change arena, and has often succeeded using its normative power and soft diplomacy expertise to push forward meaningful legislation which has helped to curb emissions and promote energy efficiency.

The question is, can it deliver this time? 

The issues at stake are high, the EU needs to agree a deal between the Member States and then, more importantly, ensure that deal is strong and decisive. 

According to David Cameron, the UK is the leader amongst the leadership. In his speech at the recent climate summit, he highlighted the UK’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 and the contribution of £4bn to the Climate Finance Fund. 

He’s talked the talk. Can he now walk the walk?

Here at Progressio, we want to make sure Cameron’s actions reflect his words. We need him to do as he’s promised and use his influence to ensure the EU Council meeting next week is successful in delivering an EU climate deal that reflects the ambition of the UK targets. This opportunity to show commitment, dedication and determination cannot be missed. 

We need you to use your voice to lobby Cameron to push for the best possible outcome by writing to him directly using this form. 

At this summit, the EU has the opportunity to set its Climate goals until 2030, that’s almost two decades. These goals have the potential to change lives. As we are all too aware, climate change is destroying lives now and action needs to be taken both at summits like these, and at the Paris COP next year. International commitment to global agreements on climate change are the only way forward when it comes to protecting our planet and its most vulnerable people.