If there was a hospital set up to deal with the world’s problems, I’d make an appointment to see a doctor and tell them that earth was suffering from behavioral problems that weren’t typical but unexpected, out of season, unprecedented and catastrophic. “I think” he’ll say, with an eyebrow arched, arms folded and nodding contemplatively “that you are describing the classic symptoms of climate change”. “You should try to do something about it and let be know that your future is worth saving.’

Along with 40,000 individuals on Saturday the 5th of December 2009, Progressio members did something. Together we walked the wave march to parliament to stop climate chaos.

For faith-based charities like Progressio the day began early with a church service at Westminster Central Hall. Those who couldn’t be seated (and so had to wait outside) were treated to ‘environmental carols’ and performances powered by man-made generators.

With such a momentous occasion it was easy to forget about climate change doomsayers and those leaked emails by British scientists. However, though the emails supposedly cast doubt over the validity of climate change data at the opening of the Copenhagen summit, clear cut examples such as the wave march illustrate just how concerned  people are about the consequences of climate change such as the melting of the Artic ice-cap and the rise in oil and food prices.

Let’s hope that the next two weeks will force world leaders to look upon all our efforts and respond to earth’s behavioral problems with effective, fair and complete agreements.

Nayila Jibreel

Progressio Youth Engagement Officer