From the guide: Perhaps the theme Pope Benedict talks about most in Caritas in Veritate is authentic human development. Indeed, it may be the biggest challenge and greatest inspiration which the encyclical contains.

The Pope tells us that development is so much more than having the basic necessities of life. Instead, development is seen as more than ‘doing’; it’s about ‘being more’.

Flowing from the principle of the inherent dignity of each and every person, human development is about the common good of the whole person and of every person.

Questions: How do you understand the idea of authentic human development? How do you think individuals and organisations can support this process? How do you ensure that you have 'life, and have it to the full'?

Share your thoughts: Use the comment button to leave your thoughts about authentic human development, life to the full and human flourishing, and how you are minded to respond.

Photo: Open air Mass. Sunday service is held outside the destroyed Cathedrale Notre-Dame de L’Assomption in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, months after the massive earthquake of January 2010. Work continues to rebuild the country. Natasha Fillion/Progressio

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