From the guide: The encyclical’s title encapsulates its main concepts: charity and truth, both of which come from God and, as Pope Benedict states, are planted within each person’s heart, wanting to break forth.

Truth and charity are deeply connected. Truth is sought, found and expressed within charity, and charity is understood, confirmed and practised in the light of truth. This is charity in truth.

Desiring and striving for the common good is a requirement of charity. Justice is intrinsic to love since if we love others with charity, then first we are just towards them. Charity demands justice.

Questions: What strikes you about these concepts? Do you agree that truth is the way for us to judge what is truly charitable and loving? How can we respond to the call of truth and justice in our everyday lives?

Share your thoughts: Use the comment button to leave your thoughts about charity, truth and justice, and how you are minded to respond.

Photo: Roll call. Gertrude Usaiwevu leads a volunteer group of 15 women in the Zvimba district of Zimbabwe. Despite having few material possessions, the women work tirelessly to find money for food and school fees for children orphaned by AIDS. Marcus Perkins/Progressio

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