Demonstration garden in Lamine, HaitiFarmers on a training course at a demonstration garden in Lamine, Haiti

For a binational environmental partnership and sustainable local development

Bolivar Sanchez, a Local Participative Development Specialist from Guatemala, is supporting the project "For a binational environmental partnership and sustainable local development". The project aims to contribute to the strengthening of the Association of Municipalities and Municipal Districts (MAMDIPROI) of the border province of Independencia, in Dominican Republic. The project is led by the Municipality of La Descubierta, with the support of Progressio and World Vision, and is co-financed by the European Union. This will be done promoting civil society and citizens’ participation on planning and design of environmental public policies. The project also aims to create and support coordination with the Association of Municipalities of Lake Azuey in Haiti, and with civil society organizations on both sides of the border, in order to promote joint strategies for a sustainable local development.

Start date: November 2014

End date: Our Development Worker, Bolivar Sanchez, will support this project until March 2016

Partner organisations: Municipality La Descubierta, World Vision

Funded by the EC

Handicrafts of the Border: promoting employment and social cohesion in Elías Piña (Dominican Republic) and Plateau Central (Haiti)

The overall objective of this project is to promote employment and increase social cohesion between local authorities and Dominican and Haitian civil society in the border towns of Elias Piña (Dominican Republic) and Plateau Central (Haiti). The project presents a set of solutions in technical, economic, social and cultural terms intended to promote the development of the handicraft sector on both sides of the border. The expected outcomes are: i) artisans of the municipalities of Elías Piña and Plateau Central improve their technical and business management skills; ii) the Municipal Association of Artisans and its network at provincial level engage with local authorities and bi-national coordination and consultation bodies, for the development of agreements for the sector; iii) the provincial network of the Municipal Association of Artisans is engaged in the support and promotion of handicrafts.

Start date: April 2013

End date: September 2015

Partner organisations: Municipality of Comendador; Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli (CISP); Associazione Artigiani della Provincia di Vicenza – Confartigfianato Vicenza; Italian-Dominican Chamber of Commerce

Locations: Province of Elías Piña (DR) and Department Plateau Central (Haiti)

Funded by the European Union

Cross-border solutions to climate change and food security

The main purpose of this project is to improve food security for the most disadvantaged communities on both sides of the Dominican-Haitian northern border, while helping the communities to prepare for and recover from the effects of climate change related events.

Building on an integrated approach of climate change adaption and food security, the project aims at empowering directly 7,000 disadvantaged persons to reduce their vulnerability and increase their resilience, tackling indirectly the causes of poverty of 35,000 of the most excluded people in the border region. This will be done through skills and knowledge transfer on sustainable agro-ecological production, diversification and commercialisation of products through smallholder farmers organisations, combined with restoration of degraded soils and protection of water resources and biodiversity.

Start date: June 2014

End date: June 2017

Partner organisations: Solidaridad FronterizaSolidarite Fwontalye

Locations:Dajabón (Dominican Republic) and Ounanaminthe (Haiti)

Funded by Big Lottery Fund

Recently ended work

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