The UK government’s Department for International Development (DFID) funds 90% of the ICS programme. The other 10% is funded by volunteer fundraising. You don’t need to pay to take part in ICS, however if accepted onto the programme you must fundraise at least £800.

After applying for your placement, you should have a couple of months to raise the money - and our trusty fundraising team are here to support you every step of the way. They have already helped thousands of ICS volunteers to raise over £8million between them!

With our experience and your positivity, we’re confident that you will achieve your fundraising goal – no-one is excluded from ICS for financial reasons.

Why do I have to fundraise?

Although you don’t have to pay for ICS, fundraising also helps you to learn more about the programme and how to explain it to others. As well as raising money, it’s a great opportunity to raise awareness of ICS and helps you to develop your skills and confidence. These skills may come in handy overseas, for your action at home and future career plans. Fundraising is a great way to go out into your community, use your networks and inspire others to get involved in your ICS journey. Your placement starts and ends at home.

Where does your money go?

Your fundraising enables more young people to participate in ICS on sustainable development programmes. The more ICS volunteers we can send, the more people and communities we can reach, and the greater impact we can have fighting poverty.

Where should you start?

Not sure how to start? Check out our previous fundraisers’ success stories, get inspiration from our fundraising blog and like our Facebook page to see what’s currently working for volunteers in the same situation as you.

And of course you can contact the team directly on 0208 780 7400 or