Working with our partners we have:

  • implemented pilot ecomomic initiatives to boost local markets and promote cultural identity;
  • strengthened civil society organisations' capacity to advocate for public policies that promote local economic development;
  • promoted local culture and repect for cultural diversity at national and international level.

Urgent actions against discrimination of LGTBI

This 2 year project increased awareness about the rights of LGTBI (lesbian, gay, transexual, bisexual and intersex persons) in Nicaragua, through the capacity building of sexual diversity leaders and activists who, in turn, will cascade this learning to their own organizations and through advocacy at local level.

Activities included:

  • the development of a Political Advocacy Methodology,
  • training 50 campaigners on advocacy, communication and social diversity;
  • a replication of this training at local level;
  • the development and implementation of an advocacy strategy for non-discriminatory laws;
  • awareness raising campaigns for the general public,
  • capacity building of LGTBI organisations in Nicaragua.

Through our partner we have:

  • trained activists in sexual diversity to promote the human rights and combat the discrimination of LGBTI;
  • raised the awareness of the general public about LGBTI’s rights and advocating for their inclusion in the reform of the Family Code in Nicaragua.

Partner organisations: CISAS

Locations: Managua, León, Estelí and Matagalpa

Funded by the European Union