Strengthening the Capacity of Non-State Actors on Civic Dialogue, Human Rights and Active Citizenship

The overall objective of the project was to strengthen the capacity of Civil Society Organizations in Somaliland on civic dialogue, human rights and active citizenship to promote democracy and good governance in Somaliland. This entailed strengthening capacities of CSOs to: 

  • advocate for policies and practices that protect and advance human rights of marginalised groups (youth, women, minorities and people suffering from mental health conditions);
  • strengthen the capacities of local authorities to enable them to perform their basic service provision function;
  • enhance a culture of respect for rights of marginalised groups (youth, women, minorities, and people suffering from mental health conditions) in all spheres; 
  • lobbying, advocacy and awareness raising on women’s rights to political participation;
  • improve civic participation in transparent and accountable governance in Somaliland.

Main achievements: 

  • the approval of the National Youth Policy; amendment of Law 20/2001 for Presidential and Local council Elections enabling young people to join political parties and stand for election and the codification of customary laws affecting the rights of women and girls;
  • a major increase in number of women standing for election to local government, from 2 women in 2002 elections to 146 women in 2012;
  • increased capacity of all four partner organisations in advocacy, strategic planning and policy analysis.

Start date: January 2010End date: March 2014Partner organizations: FOPAG (Forum for Peace and Governance); GAVO (General Assistance Voluntary organisation); NAGAAD (Women Umbrella organisation) and SONYO (Somaliland National Youth Organisation)

Location: All 6 regions of Somaliland.

Organisational Capacity Building

Our development workers has also provided capacity building in terms of institutional development and resource mobilisation for a number of local organisations, such as the National Health Professions Commission or the Somaliland National Human Rights Commission.