To shine a big bright light on the fantastic contribution young people bring to international development we’ve designed a quiz (because everyone loves a good ol’ quiz!) packed with some difficult, mind boggling and hilarious questions! From ‘Name the 8 Millennium Development Goals’ to ‘Put the Kardashian sisters in age order’ our quiz pack caters for all and will get everyone thinking about those all important development issues without them even realising they’re doing it!

Because we were so convinced that we were on to a winner with our quiz pack, we thought we’d prove it by first trying it out for ourselves! Here at Progressio, we put our heads together and organised a quiz night of our own last summer. We are very pleased to report that it was a fantastic success! Hooray! We had over 70 people attend and raised over £260 for Progressio’s work!

We kid you not, one guest told us that it was the best quiz they’d ever been to! That’s very high praise indeed!

Quiz night in London 2015

So how can you help?

Download the Progressio ‘So you think you know the answer?’ quiz pack and organise your own quiz event - simple as that!

Not only will you raise awareness of how amazing young people can be, and you will be able to raise some money to help continue our vital work.

Not sure where the money will go? Read this case study.

Our quiz pack is full of handy hints and tips to make your event a success, but if you’re eager to get involved and still aren’t sure where to start, just drop us an email on and we'l be happy to help!