Some examples of what previous volunteers have done for their Action:

Chelsea presenting the photo campaign

Chelsea Thompson got involved with the 'Fall in Love with Farmers' Campaign as part of her Action at Home. She volunteered in El Salvador and had seen first-hand how for local farmers the access to and availability of water was a huge problem and damaged their chances of successful crops. The campaign was to persuade senior politicians at the UK's Department for International Development to commit to funding small-scale farmers and help ensure they have steady access to a reliable water supply. After collecting photos of people dressed as farmers showing their commitment to the 'Fall in Love with Farmers' campaign, the photos were amalgamated into a massive photo petition and Chelsea presented it to Lynne Featherstone the Parliamentary under-secretary of State. Chelsea has also signed up to Empower and is now a Regional mobiliser, so has been encouraging others to get involved in Progressio's events and campaigns and helped to organise the hugely successful Have One Voice which was Progressio's event for World Aids Day.

The winning penalty shot from one of the women's teams, taken by Andrew West

Andrew West volunteered in Honduras as part of the ICS programme. Before leaving his placement, he entered the ICS photography competition. He chose the photo above because he said that he felt that it summed up the achievements of their team while they had been in Honduras. This photo won the civic participation category of the competition. It shows the winning penalty shot from one of the women's teams. These teams had been set up by the ICS volunteers and had been coached by them with the aim of promoting gender equality as domestic violence is a real issue in Honduras. Andrew made the most of winning the opportunity and used the chance to present his experience in parliament, which then was part of his Action at Home. He was also interviewed on local BBC radio, sent press releases and got articles in a number of regional newspapers. 

Sophie Elkins running a stall for her Action at Home

Sophie Elkins volunteered in El Salvador. She sent a letter to her MP as part of her Action at Home. This letter was urging her MP to support the future commitment of parliament to funding the ICS programme after 2015. She received a response from both her MP and from Lynne Featherstone, the Parliamentary under-secretary of State. Sophie also had a stall in her university library and spoke to people about her ICS experience and encouraged others to sign up as well. She also spoke to her careers department and they helped her publicise ICS as an opportunity for other young people.

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