I set out on my ICS placement with high expectations as to the change I would be able to make and the impact that my fellow volunteers and I would be able to have in the community. I left knowing that upon my return, I wanted to showcase the work we’d achieved and to gain further support for the scheme.
I did not, however, expect to meet like-minded young girls with similar dreams to my own, yet their dreams had been abruptly put on hold. Being pulled out of school, taken away from their families and forced into marriages before they were either mentally or physically ready.
Although their young bodies were not yet ready to carry children many are now not only responsible for themselves, but for their children also. I did not expect to see first hand the impact cultural and social traditions are having on Malawi’s youth today and to hear stories that previously I’d only ever read about.
Carolyne Lungu
Landing at Heathrow, back in December, I knew I owed it to these girls to do all in my power to help them and to change the stories for younger girls to come. By showing their faces, sharing their stories and highlighting the issue, Anna and I hope that we can spread the message; help these girls and the millions of others that are being deprived of their right to an education and ultimately their childhood.
Hosting a photographic exhibition, Anna and I will be presenting images, interviews and hand written accounts from the girls as to their experiences, their pleas for change and their wishes of security for their own children.
Please join us on the 2nd of July at number 16 Hoxton Square from 1pm and together we can make a difference. 
Written by Eloise Craven-Todd, Malawi (October-December 2015).