How do you get young people interested in conserving water? Progressio partner organisation Aquafondo in Peru has found a way...

What is the problem?

Aquafondo is a long-term trust fund based on the idea of investing in and promoting conservation activities in the three watersheds of Lima. It was set up in November 2011 by four NGOs, a university and a private enterprise, with the objective to improve water quality and water quantity in these watersheds and to promote "a new water culture" in Lima.

Water consumption in Lima is 250 litres per person per day, which is far more than the amount consumed in other big cities in Latin America or Europe. So Aquafondo has set out to raise awareness among the public about the need to use water efficiently, using social media like Facebook with simple messages and an attractive concept.

Dancin Ducha!

The popular Peruvian rock band Bareto offered to support our campaign and be the protagonists in the first video. With them, we reach a dynamic and enthusiastic young public. The key message of the campaign Dancin Ducha is that taking a shower should not take more than 4 or 5 minutes - or in other words, taking a shower should not take more time than the length of your favourite song. So sing your favourite song while showering and make sure you're done when it ends!

The campaign Dancin Ducha will continue this year (and hopefully even longer), making videos with other famous people in Lima and Peru, with the aim of reducing domestic water consumption.

Sonja Bleeker is a Progressio development worker with Aquafondo in Peru.

Find out more at the Dancin Ducha website

Read an interview with Sonja, and read more about her work with Aquafondo in the Progressio magazine (download PDF - see page 6)



It's great to hear of such an innovative idea engaging young people in water management issues.