Want a deeper insight into what an ICS placement looks like? Read the amazing blogs written by our past and present volunteers. Enjoy the journey!

El Salvador: Fiesta

This week is the local festival of Arcatao, celebrating their patron’s day, Saint Bartholomew Apostle - Fiestas Patronales del Municipio de Arcatao. This has been going on since last week and the town has really come alive during the activities. These have ranged from an event focusing on the elderly people of Arcatao, a live show of traditional El Salvadorian music, a community dance and a firework display.


Nicaragua: Poema

Hola chicos  

Espero que les haya gustado esta presentación

Que nicas y británicos preparamos con emoción

Es un orgullo trabajar con Progressio y portar esta camiseta

Para seguir adelante cuidando mi planeta

Sembrando un árbol construyendo huerto

Porque esto es el futuro nuestro

Haciendo filtro eco-estufa y pila

Que bien se mira ahora Parcila

Con el centro de salud haciendo alianza


Malawi: Cultural differences part 3 - Knowledge and witchcraft

With my 10-week placement in Malawi coming to a close, I felt this series of blogs needs to be wrapped up with a third and final piece. Going back a couple of weeks, I decided to base this blog series on the differences, which I have come to notice, between Malawi and the UK. This is what interested me the most because in my previous blogs I discussed differences between the UK and Malawi by identifying the varying perceptions which surround, for instance, time and appearance.


Honduras: Em’s update

Hi, my name is Em and I'm here in Villa de San Antonio, Honduras. This week has been eventful and full of different achievements and successes. We have almost completed painting the school, we have had our first entrepreneurship group meeting, we have started organising our ‘if we have time’ projects and now completed our sixth cultural exchange. 


Nicaragua: Creative juices - freshly squeezed

Poetry is a big deal in Nicaragua, whenever we have met up with the other ICS team in Parcila, the Nica or the UK volunteers would read us a poem, which they have composed themselves. This therefore inspired some of the El Bram UK volunteers to dig really deep to find the creative juices within themselves, and write some poetry. 


Honduras: A busy week for Villa de San Antonio!

Our week began hosting a Sports Day at the school for International Youth Day.  The atmosphere was lively and the children had a day of excitement, taking part in classic sports activities such as the relay race, tug of war, sack race, football and skipping.  At the end of each event the children were awarded with medals made by ourselves as a reward for their efforts, which they loved!


Nicaragua: Construcción de eco-hornos

El dia lunes, buen inicio de semana, empezamos como siempre las clases de inglés y español y luego nos reunimos en grupos para empezar la construcción de eco-hornos. También terminamos con la siembra de árboles y a las 4 PM organizamos el juego de chicas de voleibol.

El dia martes por la mañana organizamos dos grupos, un grupo para construcción de eco-hornos, otro grupo para deshacer hornos viejos. Luego por la tarde organizamos dos grupos para construir y para sacar encuestas en la comunidad.