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Raising awareness on the importance of getting HIV tested

Yooh…….it was a blazing hot Saturday morning in the heart of Cowdray Park township, right here in the City of Kings and Queens. The Themba Youth Centre was the place to be for the Annual Action Zone, a sports tournament that caters for young people from in and around Cowdray Park, and it is hosted by the Nehemiah Project (Cowdray Park Club).


Nicaragua: La primera noche en casa de los voluntarios nicas

En esta semana, tras terminar nuestros deberes “normales”, cómo son las encuestas que nos hacían falta, la reparación de nuestro parque y una reunión de grupo, decidimos que cada uno de los chicos nicas se llevara a un británico a nuestras casas. Esto fue sugerido porque queríamos mejorar la comunicación entre todos y para que nos conociéramos o conocieran nuestra familia. ¡Aquí les presentamos cómo les fue a cada uno!


El Salvador: 17 de octubre, Día Internacional para la Erradicación de la Pobreza

La pobreza es un problema muy grande que afecta en la actualidad a muchas familias ya que no poseen de sustento diario ni de ninguna manera de seguir adelante.

El mundo entero vive este gran problema, impidiendo que muchas personas logren cumplir sueños y tener un futuro mejor, como estudiar. Muchos jóvenes se quedan sin estudiar por lo mismo que no cuentan con los recursos necesarios para pagar su universidad y su misma alimentación.


Malawi: Team Chilengedwe

“Chilengedwe” is a Chichewa (Malawi’s national language) word that means "Nature", "Chilengiwa" in Tumbuka.

Oxford dictionary defines nature as, “phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.”


Case Study: Michael Martínez’s Action at Home - “One can always serve the community”

Michael Martínez is originally from the La Sabanita community. She volunteered with Progressio ICS Nicaragua in 2015 (cycle 12). Michael took on the community liaison role in her team, one she performed perfectly. She helped the Santos Sánchez Cerda School and the community to host us and allocate the timetables for us to deliver our capacity building activities with the students. She set up an alliance with the local Catholic Church, allowing us to build a community allotment.


El Salvador: A taste of El Salvador!

Mealtimes, breakfast, lunch and dinner are daily rituals we partake in 365 days a year, that’s 1,095 meals per year! Not only do these meals function to nourish us, physically giving us the energy we need to complete our daily tasks, but they serve as social occasions of great significance.  Who we eat with and what we eat are the two most significant factors when it comes to mealtimes...


Nicaragua: Nuestra visita al Bramadero

En esta semana hicimos la visita al grupo de voluntarios del Bramadero en la cual hubo muchas actividades. Recorrimos las casas hospederas de los voluntarios británicos, comimos pizza, y jugamos fútbol. Se realizó un juego llamado “el tesoro escondido” que se trataba de conocer un poco más de la comunidad del Bramadero. También Peter bailó con un perro y nos bañó de agua en la cruzada de un pequeño rio. 


Nicaragua: Myths and legends

Many myths, legends and superstitions have grown up surrounding the town of El Bramadero and have been passed down from generation to generation, becoming cemented over time in the community’s beliefs and traditions. For this week’s blog, we thought we would delve into the history of El Bramadero and share with you a few of our favourite myths and stories from the community. 

El Caballo Negro


Malawi: All Hallows’ Eve within the Warm Heart of Africa

Ah Halloween, one of the biggest, secular events of the year - second only to Christmas. When girls and boys, men and women, adorn themselves in spooky, controversial and comedic costumed attire to acquire candy from strangers and to drink the 31 October away at themed parties and functions.


Malawi: Anxious abroad

As someone who is quite introverted, flying to Malawi and interacting with people from such a different culture to our English ways was always going to be a challenge of mine. When socialising within the UK, I convey an air of confidence about myself in an attempt to mask the awkward, self-doubting and insecure notches of my character. "What a stupid thing to say, that wasn't funny in the slightest", I'd think to myself; digging away at whatever seed of self-assurance I had planted and nurtured within my psyche.