Sustainable solutions

Progressio has always understood that the world won’t see an end to poverty through overseas aid alone.

To achieve permanent, sustainable solutions to poverty, we must also tackle the structural barriers which keep people poor.

The people's voice

If poor communities don’t have a meaningful say in the decisions taken at international, national or local government level, the problems that they face will not be taken seriously.

So Progressio works at all of these levels to help the voice of poor and marginalised communities to be heard and acted on.

Local level

Our development workers provide advocacy skills and training to local organisations so that they can work for the policy change they need.

International level

Our international policy staff talk to local organisations to understand how people are trapped in poverty, and work out how things could be improved by changing policy at an international level.

Making change happen

We punch above our weight because our analysis is backed up by our on-the-ground experience.

And we are listened to because we bring the voices of the South to the policy table.

Cost-effective change

A policy change can result in lasting benefits to livelihoods and quality of life for poor and marginalised people.

And these benefits may reach more people, and be more long-lasting, than the shorter term impact sought by many overseas aid projects.