Heavy fighting continues to grip Yemen. Amongst the devastating impacts of the war is an increasing difficulty to supply vital humanitarian assistance to millions of vulnerable people in the country. 22 major aid agencies, including Progressio, are now warning that life-saving work risks coming to an abrupt end within a week unless land, sea and air routes are opened immediately.

Even before the latest escalation in violence, 16 million Yeminis – 60% of the population – were in need of humanitarian assistance, and 13 million did not have access to clean water and sanitation. Amid increasing violence and danger, these humanitarian needs are now growing rapidly. Right now, millions within the country do not know where their next meal is coming from.

Under normal circumstances, Yemen needs at least 144,000 barrels of oil per day to sustain its economy and infrastructure. A lack of fuel, caused by land, sea and air routes being closed off, is directly contributing to the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in the country.

The closure of these vital and life dependent routes in to the country means:

  • communities in Yemen are without water as local supply systems rely on dwindling fuel supplies to pump ground water to the surface
  • medical facilities are stretched to the limit, with many closed and others unable to provide even basic services
  • the telecommunications network is on the verge of shutting down within days, cutting the country off further
  • electricity is available for only a few hours a day at best

“People in Yemen are suffering because of the closed routes, which are resulting in a catastrophic humanitarian situation," Abeer Al Absi, Progressio's Country Representative in Yemen, said. “The lack of fuel is making matters much worse as Hospitals can’t operate any more. The number of wounded people is increasing due to the intensive bombardment and fighting. Day after day, the intensity of fighting and raids increases and people become in greater need of basic health facilities, water, food and shelters to survive.”

With the situation now at a critical level, Progressio is calling for the land, sea and air routes to be opened urgently in order to allow essential imports to resume. You can call on the UK’s leaders to act on the crisis in Yemen, right now, here:

You can read the full press release here in English and in Arabic.