Gill has been involved in fundraising for over thirty years and is now working with Progressio on their 75th Anniversary Appeal. In this blog Gill describes her experience of her participation in ZimFast, one of Progressio’s Lent fundraising challenges. By fasting for 6 days on a simple Zimbabwean diet, Gill is standing in solidarity with people living in poverty in Zimbabwe and around the world. She will be fasting until February 21st, so stay tuned for part 2 of her blog! To take part sign up here.

Sunday: My Fast was due to start at sunset. The temptation to binge was enormous but I had my usual Sunday Roast (pork with crackling, roast vegetables,) preceded by a fridge raid (olives and a bit of left over whitebait) and a gin and tonic. Quick bit of sofa time and then I decided to go for a walk along the river. I said the prayer for Zimbabwe as I watched the sun go down then went home. First evening was OK, not too different from normal. 

Monday: Off to Nottingham for work. Tubes very delayed so I missed my train and I was aching for a coffee! My banana breakfast on the train never tasted so good though. Found an interesting article about the growth of the banana economy in Zimbabwe. Interesting link - sitting on potential banana? Sounds messy. Came home and found someone had eaten my coleslaw and drumstick, carefully prepared that morning, so I had to start from scratch… Chris, my husband, was definitely looking shifty. He hasn’t sponsored me yet and I think this is some sort of protest!

Tuesday: Getting more sponsors now, so beginning to think this might be worthwhile. Today I was so hungry that I didn’t care that it was chicken, coleslaw and rice again and I savoured every mouthful. Eating because of hunger is vastly different from dabbling with tastes. I say the Grace prayer from the fundraising pack before each meal and really mean it. 

Tuesday night: My hot water bottle leaked and soaked the bed. Insult to injury. 

Wednesday: Strange start to the day. Tried to find out something about how Zimbabweans fast during Lent and found an article about a tragic event.  

Felt dreadful most of the day. A Priest from a Ugandan Church came round for meal and he and my husband (still hasn’t sponsored me) had defrosted Boeuf Bourguignon while I sat there with my drumstick and rice. He gave a Lent talk in our church later and talked of the Uganda Martyrs

Wednesday night: Chris has now sponsored me! Over half way through!! Got a new hot water bottle!!! 

Gill will be continuing her fast until Saturday night. To read part 2 of her blog check out our facebook page next week. 

Want to take part in Progressio's Lent challenges?

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What do the challenges involve? It's simple: either fast for six days on a basic Zimbabwean diet, or host a Zimbabwean-themed meal.

Why? By challenging yourself you'll not only raise awareness of Progressio's work around the world, but you'll also raise vital funds to help this work continue.

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