The right people in the right place

Progressio development workers are experienced and professionally qualified specialists who offer skills, expertise and knowledge that is not available locally.

Before placing a development worker, we discuss with our partner organisations exactly what help and assistance can really make a difference. Then we go out and recruit exactly the person they need.

People with their heart in the right place

Our development workers are all committed to helping bring about real change - they don't do it for the money, they do it to make a difference to other people's lives.

Find out what motivates our development workers in our development worker experiences section. (Be warned: it might make you want to be a Progressio development worker, too!)

South-to-South skills exchange

Progressio development workers come from all over the world. Some come from Europe or North America. But more than half are themselves from the global South – be it Bangladesh or Bolivia, Malawi or Mexico, Ethiopia or Ecuador…

So they bring a real understanding of the challenges facing people in developing countries; and what is needed to overcome them. And they go back to their own country enriched by the experience, with enhanced skills to tackle poverty and injustice at home and abroad, now and in the future.

Transferring skills and knowledge

The key role of our development workers is to transfer their skills and knowledge to our partner organisations. Together with the partner organisations, they work alongside local people, supporting them to find solutions to the problems they face.

Bringing lasting change

The success of our development work is measured by people and organisations being able to continue to work effectively after our development worker has finished his or her placement. Our development workers usually stay for at least two years – and longer if needed. They are there to make a long term, lasting impact.

Efficient, cost-effective help - exactly where it is needed

The help we bring does not cost our partner organisations a penny. All our development workers are fully funded by Progressio – thanks to our generous funders and supporters.

Please note: Progressio has announced closure in March 2017