Due to the escalating conflict in Yemen all our projects were suspended from March 2015. Some projects were able to restart in January 2016. To  read more about Progressio's response to the conflict and humanitarian crisis in Yemen click here.

Yemen at a crossroads: promoting good governance and citizens' participation in a fragile context

The aim of this project is to increase the participation of women, men and young people in the design and monitoring of local development plans. This will be achieved through capacity building of local civil society organisations and improved coordination between national and local civil society networks, as well as district and governorate councils to hold national authorities to account for the implementation of the Transitional Plan for Stabilisation and Development (TPSD) and other relevant national programmes and policies. The project will help to create spaces for dialogue and shared good governance practices to foster opportunities for sustainable engagement between civil society and government at local level.

Start date: October 2013 (this project has been suspended until further notice due to the escalating conflict)

End date: January 2017

Partner organisations: Oxfam GB and Oxfam Novib

Locations: Hadramout, Al Hodeidah, Taiz and Aden

Honour, Power and Expectation (HOPE) for women in Hodeida

Through the engagement of a variety of stakeholders from religious and traditional leaders to the media, this project seeks to address the high prevalence rates of female genital mutilation (FGM) and gender based violence (GBV) in the Hodeida Governorate. The UNFPA estimates that 24% of Yemeni women have been exposed to FGM. The most affected populations are found along the coastal areas such as Hodeida, where FGM rates can be as high as 97%. Part of the challenge is the unwillingness to talk about the problems and lack of adequate information. By raising the awareness of influencial stakeholders on the negative effects of FGM and GBV, the project is seeking to bring about changes in societal attitudes as a major step towards addressing the problem. 

Start date: December 2013 (this project has been suspended until further notice due to the esclating conflict)

End date: December 2015

Partner organisations: Reach Out Foundation.

Locations: Al Hodeidah

Funded by the European Union

Protection of the Rights of Female Inmates and Juvenile Offenders in Hodeida

Women prisoners in Yemen are subject to all kinds of violations including rape, isolation and psychological torture. In addition, they suffer double punishment by being stigmatised by the society and rejected by their families, which makes it hard for them to fully re - integrate in the society after completing their prison sentences. Meanwhile, juvenile prisoners are denied access to education, healthcare and psychosocial support, and in a number of cases, have been sentenced to death penalties. 

This project will work with prison and judicial staff, journalists, faith leaders and civil society organisations to increase awareness of the rights of the inmates; while, at the same time, providing vocational training to female and juvenile prisoners to increase their chances of re-integration in the society after completing their sentences.

Start date: December 2013 (this project has been suspended until further notice due to the escalating conflict)

End date: November 2015

Partner organisations: Abu Musa Al Ashary

Locations: Al Hodeidah

Funded by the European Union

Youth Sustainable Skills and Empowerment Programme

This two year project aims to empower young women and men in the Hodeida governorate, to actively participate in peaceful, transparent and democratic processes that will strengthen local governance. This will be achieved through the training of youth in participatory community development and advocacy, the formation and the support of advocacy initiatives of youth councils and through capacity building of youth organisations. Other activities include facilitating networking of youth orgnisations and support multi-stakeholder dialogue forums.

The project envisages a situation where young women and men will gain skills, knowledge and confidence to actively advocate for good governance in their communities by demanding for social accountability from the duty bearers. This will enhance the social and political inclusion of youth and reduce their apathy and disaffection in the society. 

Start date: March 2015 (this project has been suspended until further notice due to the esclating conflict)

End date: February 2017

Partner organisation: Abu Musa Al Ashary

Location: Hodeidah governorate

Funded by the European Union  

Recently ended projects

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