Abu Musa Al Ashary Charitable Association is a faith-based organisation providing charitable services for poor people and orphans, including literacy, education and health programmes. Working closely with poor communities, mosque leaders, children, fishermen and women, the organisation reaches out to all 22 districts of the Hodeidah Governorate. As a faith-based organisation, Abu Musa expresses moderate views on contentious issues within Islam, such as sex workers and HIV and AIDS.

Al-Ferdous Women Development Association in Aden works with marginalised women to improve their lives.

Al-Tawasal Association works in Hodeida governorate on socio-economic and health issues.

Al-Wedyan Association for Development of Society is a local NGO based in Aden which works for the socio-economic and political empowerment of poor and marginalised groups.

Coastal Women Development Association in Ras Al-Arah district of Lahj aims to improve economic opportunities for poor and vulnerable women.

Half of Society Association works in the governorate of Hodeidah to support the development of society and especially women, capitalising on women’s interest in educational affairs as well as social issues and topics such as health and lifestyle.

Hodeida Civil Society Forum is a network of 15 local organisations that has been set up as an outcome of Progressio's capacity building projects.

Interaction in Development Foundation (IDF) was founded in 1997 to manage the needs of development work within the country, specifically focusing on capacity building activities, advocacy, institutional strengthening and awareness-raising on particular issues. Over the years, its focus has broadened from health concerns to areas such as education and water.

National Water Resources Authority is a government agency charged with the management of drinking water resource allocation and conservation in Yemen.

Reach Out Foundation for Human Development (ROFHD) is an association working on socio-economic and health issues in the Al-Hodeida governorate.

Wadi Zabid Irrigation Council is a community-based, democratic organisation composed of the water user associations from throughout the wadi (valley).

Women’s Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) is a women’s group aiming to improve the economic and social status of women in Aden. In addressing issues regarding HIV and AIDS in Yemen, the organisation works to train peer educators, engage with ‘at risk’ groups, and sensitise different groups, including youth, sex workers, migrant workers and people living with HIV and AIDS.

Yemeni Society for Protection of the Environment is a local NGO based in Hodeida with the aim of raising awareness about environmental issues and improving environmental management in the region.