With Progressio ICS, all volunteers have an individual role in addition to your group’s shared activities. This will increase your impact overseas, help you develop your skills, and enable you to record and monitor your progress.

So if you are an amazing photographer, blogger, or event planner, or you are passionate about community development and getting involved, then you will be able to take a lead in a role that suits you.

Don't worry if you are not sure which role will suit you, or whether you have the skills: we will give you guidance and training, and lots of support.

Are you a budding journalist, studying media, a prolific blogger, or the next J K Rowling?

Then the Media role is for you. It’s your chance to put those skills to good use and help your team write amazing blogs and articles to wow us all with what you have achieved and what you have learnt - and to tell some of the fascinating stories of the people you will meet back to audiences in the UK - and indeed the world!

Do you have an inquisitive mind? Do you enjoy sharing facts? Do you always want to know a bit more?

You could take on the Learning role! You will play a pivotal role in ensuring your team takes home more than some nice photos and memories. Your goal will be helping your team learn about the culture of your community as well as sharing your culture with them. You will also be responsible for organising workshops about key topics in International Development with a especial focus on Environment, HIV and Participation. You can use your creativity to develop interesting material, work alongside the Media volunteer to write blogs and support your team to get the most out of their ICS placement. 

Are you a people person? Like a good gossip? What about a party planner? Even better, do you like a good event that gets the community together?

Then the role for you is the Community Relations role – you will be making sure your team gets out there, meets the local people, integrates as much as possible in the community and that you basically get people talking! You could organise a community event like a football match, a children’s activity day or a meeting with local faith leaders – it’s up to you and your team!

Are you interested in documentary-making? Are you someone with a keen eye, a flash photographer or just love to capture a moment?

Then the Visual Media role is definitely you. You will support your team to capture photos, visuals and videos that say something meaningful about development and about the lives of the people in the community - visual media which tell a story and document the positive impact your team has made.

Parlez-vous anglais?... Have you got some language skills under your belt? Speak Spanish, Chichewa or Shona? Or just really keen to learn?

Your role could be the Language role, helping your team to communicate better and learn as much of the local language as possible.  As a team you will be able to get so much more out of being able to have a good chin-wag with local people, so you could have a Spanish speaking race or some cheeky Chichewa chanting to get your team really building their skills.

Do you like to see success? Do you like to make changes when things aren’t going so well?

You could have the Monitoring and Evaluation role, helping the team to record successes and making changes when things are not going as well as you know they can. You will be putting the fun into monitoring and evaluating, helping the team to stay on track and celebrating the impact and all the great stuff you will do.

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