Political Settlement in Somaliland: a gendered perspective

This 18-months research project aims to develop a gender-aware analysis of the political settlement in Somaliland, before exploring ways in which policy and interventions could contribute to more effective and equitable development and increased stability as well as increasing women's political participation. Activities include:

  • Key Stakeholder Workshop (at project inception)
  • Key Stakeholder Workshop (at project conclusion)
  • Research Workshops
  • Focus Group Discussions 
  • Research Training Workshop 
  • Project report design and editing (in Somaliland)
  • Report translation into Somali
  • Printing report (in Somaliland)
Start date: May 2015
End Date: November 2016
Partner organisations: University College London
Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Amplifying civil society voice on gender based violence in Somaliland

This 2-year project aims to strengthen Somaliland civil society organisations individually and as a coalition, producing evidence based advocacy which leads to fundamental changes in the attitudes of state and traditional leaders, who become both active and supportive of efforts to end gender based violence in Somaliland. Main activities include:

  • data collection on gender based violence; 
  • capacity building of civil society organisations on advocacy and communications;
  • raise public awareness of the issues emerging from the research by using different media channels to support advocacy objectives;
  • undertake an advocacy campaign to influence policy on gender based violence.
Start date: December 2015
End date: November 2017
Partner: WORDA
Funded by Ampify Change

Integrated prevention, treatment, care and support for HIV and AIDS in Somaliland

The general objective of the project is to contain and reduce the HIV epidemic in Somaliland. The target beneficiaries include people living with HIV and AIDS, people who are willing to donate their blood, people who visit the IPTCS centres for HIV counselling and testing, IPTCS staff, and the general population who participated in World AIDS Day and other activities. The activities include:

  • anti-retroviral therapy and treatment of opportunistic infections;
  • treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, counselling and testing, blood safety, universal precautions;
  • support for people living with HIV in terms of psychosocial aspects and awareness raising and laboratory services;
  • prevention of mother to child transmission;
  • improving the health infrastructure in all the sites;
  • staff training in areas of support, prevention, care and treatment.

Start date: January 2012
End date: December 2017
Partner organisations: Ministry of Health; Hargeisa, Gabiley and Erigavo Hospitals; Maternal and Child Health Centres: Talowadag Coalition against HIV and AIDS; Somaliland National AIDS Commission (SOLNAC)
Locations: Nationwide

Funded by the Global Fund and UNICEF

Recently ended projects

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