Poor people empowered to transform their lives. That’s our vision. People powered development is how we will make it happen – inspired by our values of respect, solidarity, passion and boldness.


We respect every person’s inherent dignity and right to justice. This requires us to ensure fairness and equity in everything we do. At the heart of our work is fair and sustainable use of the earth and its resources.


We stand in partnership with poor and marginalised people to support them in achieving their rights and challenging unfair systems. We bring people together from the global South and North, from all faiths and none.


Poverty is an outrage. We believe people can change their own lives for the better, and we act with commitment and conviction to see poverty eradicated. We mobilise people from different countries to campaign and act – because every step, however small, helps to achieve lasting change.


We are bold and innovative, bringing together Christian values of dignity and social justice with a strong, practical understanding of development. We recognise that relentless determination combined with high calibre work makes the most impact.