Our work 

Our development workers and young volunteers will support women and men to practise sustainable and fair equitable farming approaches that will achieve increased income, food security and resilient livelihoods while caring for the environment. 

We will also incorporate and strengthen poor and marginalised communities in Disaster Risk Recovery in agricultural work. That means making sure they are equipped and trained to handle the hazards and vulnerability which can plague rural farmers such as drought and floods.

Our work includes, for example: supporting small-holder farmers in Malawi and agro-pastoralists in Somaliland whose livelihoods are under threat; working with faith leaders in Africa on concepts of environmental stewardship; and helping local groups to promote community forest management in Honduras, or establish better protection and use of scarce water resources in poor communities in Yemen.

Improving environmental policies

Through our policy and advocacy work, we seek to bring the voices and experiences of the people and communities we work with to international debates, in order to influence international policies on environmental issues - such as our policy work on climate change and access to water.

We also help people in the UK to engage with these issues and take action for environmental justice.