Giving people a say over their own lives

We want to support poor and marginalised people to participate in and influence decision-making processes – locally, nationally and internationally. We want to support them to challenge unfair power relations and structures to reduce injustice and poverty and to enjoy their human rights fully. We know that to make this happen, we must also prioritise gender justice and human rights.

What is the good governance we are working towards? 

We will know good governance has been achieved when political, legal and social power structures are participatory, transparent, accountable, responsive and inclusive. Only when these formal and informal institutions respect the dignity of every human being and give priority to the needs of those with least power and least wealth will this goal have been met.

Progressio's role is to help ensure poor and marginalised people have a say in local, national and international decisions that affect their lives.

Much of our work goes on in fragile states, where democratic systems may be new and tend to be precarious. Progressio has worked on the border of Dominican Republic and Haiti to ensure the inclusion of all citiziens in the democratic process, and has a long-term involvement in Somaliland, where we have monitored several elections.